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You're one of those Lactose Intolerants [userpic]
Week #2 Voting
by You're one of those Lactose Intolerants (onyourown)
at July 28th, 2005 (07:49 pm)
current song: Emilie Autumn - Prologue: Across The Sky

Ta-da! Week 2 voting, up and running. We have some great entries this week. Thanks, Roth fans :)

-If you submitted an icon, you MUST vote for TWO ICONS. No more, no less. You cannot, however, vote for your own icon or recruit others to vote for your icon.
-Do not vote for more than TWO icons. If you do, your entry/entries will be disqualified.
-If you do not vote for two (this includes members who did not submit and others who watch the community), your vote will be disqualified.
-Remember, you cannot post your icons anywhere else until voting is over. This includes using them for personal icons.

You have until Sunday to vote for your favourite icons.

Poll #541609 Week #2 Voting

Please choose your TWO favourite icons. No more, no less