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You're one of those Lactose Intolerants [userpic]
Week #4 Images
by You're one of those Lactose Intolerants (onyourown)
at August 11th, 2005 (07:55 pm)

current mood: nostalgic

I'm stretching this one out until Monday to make up. Also, if anyone would like to be a co-mod, let me know. I would prefer someone who has experience modding and co-modding other communities successfully, as I made the mistake of not checking up on a co-mod and am now paying for it.

You'll be given four images. You can choose any of these photos and make up to two icons. You cannot blend the images and they cannot be animated. These have to be brand new icons, no recycles. Comment to this entry with your icon and the address of the icon, like so:


You have until August 15th to enter your icons. Comments to this entry will be screened. Once you have submitted you icon, it cannot be posted anywhere else. If I find it has, I will have no choice but to disqualify said icon.

If you would like to use any of the icons for personal use, please contact me at my journal or e-mail me and I will contact the creator.

Does anyone have any lovely Tim Roth links that have picture galleries other than tim-roth.com? I don't want to end up putting their entire gallery up here, you know?